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Chingup Marketplace is the most user friendly way to buy and sell anything.

There are no version numbers associated with how we manage our BETA program. After a new feature is completed and tested thoroughly, we simply push it into the live site (production). This incremental and consistent upgrading of the platform is exciting, but also allows you to build customers and referrals now - before all the planned features are launched.

Chingup runs it's sophisticated ledger for each transaction and merchant. Buyers and sellers never pay transaction fees. However when charged a transaction fee Chingup users will earn a Chingup Token which can easily be converted to cash as a Bonus.

There are many other new and never seen (in the industry) features that you will love. Soon you can expect to see GEO positioning of your location in relation to any local brick and morter merchants for fast location and touchless checkout when you are done.

Please feel free to get started telling friends about Chingup Marketplace. If you see something that you think could be made more intuitive or if you need any help at all, please let us know by chatting with us using the round chat icon below (bottom - right). Your perspective means everything! We love talking to our users.

So thank you for being here. Now go out into the world and Chingup!

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