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What is Chingup?

Chingup is a worldwide payment and transaction facilitator where there is no charge for personal or business (USD) transactions. Our geo-location map based marketplace ("the Chingup.com wallet"), also allows you to find products and businesses near you who give CASHBACK when you buy, pay or tip.

Why does Chingup exist?

Today, your payments and transactions are loaded with fees that are enriching big banks. Our motivations are totally different, While we ARE building a profitable company, our first goal is to enrich users of our platform (YOU) by giving what would otherwise go to banks to the buyer and seller.

This closed loop system makes your transactions instant, secure and not just free, we make most everything you do on Chingup an earning event. In addition, everyone earns residual affiliate income when they tell others about Chingup, even when they shop somewhere else. Introduce Chingup to your friends, customers or favorite businesses & earn ongoing bonuses on their activity.

The Chingup revolution is here. We put in your pocket what would otherwise go into the big Credit Card companies' pockets. Now you can level up while paying for normal things... Chingup!

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* USD is FDIC insured by our partner banks
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